Friday, 8 February 2013

Susanna Reid legs and revealing skirt

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Youtube Comments
"I'd plunder her booty with the might of 100000 moustached pirates"
"maybe not the first time, but its like her 10th time wearing a variation of that exact outfit.."
"Now, now, im susanna's husband and i wont have any of this crudeness about my wife. If youre reading this darling, btw, i'll have the whip and oven muffs ready when you get home sweetheart. The weathergirl's joining us tonight and forecasts moistness and a warm front."
"My God what a wonderful head-turning outfit. Really tight fitting front opening split skirt, ultra sexy black nylons worn with suede boots and low cut top. What could she have been thinking of going in front of the cameras dressed like this. She must of known everyone was going to be looking right up the front of her skirt.
You really are the most wonderful exhibitionist Susanna, and I wonder just how wet you were by the end of this show."
"if only she were a porn star she would earn a fucking fortune"

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